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Do you want to improve your posture and prevent injuries?

Stretching and flexibility exercises are an important component of physical fitness and overall well being. Including a light stretching routine into your exercise regime will not only improve posture and range of movement, but also prevent sore muscles and injuries.  

Here are some good basic items that you can use at home to improve flexibility. 

Exercise Mat - It's important to have a mat on hard floors to provide padding and allow you to comfortably hold your stretches.   

Resistance Bands and straps - Bands are an ideal piece of equipment to be used at any fitness level, they make an excellent addition to most stretching routines and are very versatile. Bands are also light and easy to carry anywhere with you. 

Exercise balls - These giant balls are not only fun to sit on and bounce around, they also offer a great way to improve your balance and increase core strength

So grab some equipment and get stretching!



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